For Individuals

  • Key Elements of your Personal Brand
  • Individuals who serve as your Advisory Board
  • Your Personalized Career Development Plan

For Businesses

  • A Corporate Career Development Program
  • A Database to support Talent Funnel and Corporate Learning and Development Initiatives

The average person in the US spends the following:  

Wedding Planning (average cost of $2000)

Alcohol Consumption (average annual spend of $1300)

Coffee at Starbucks (average annual spend of $1100)

How much would you invest in career planning?

Benefits of Career Planning

For Individuals:

  • Facilitates with Career Navigation
  • Increases Productivity and Job Satisfaction
  • Helps with Developing a Career Path
  • Ensures Self-Development
  • Opportunity for Optimal Returns
  • Awareness of Work Environment
  • Increase in Knowledge

For Corporations:

  • Ensures Availability of Qualified Talent
  • Helps with Attracting and Retaining Talent
  • Helps in Promoting Organizational Image
  • Protects Interests of Employee Segments
  • Facilitates Staff Mobility
  • Improves Availability of Qualified Personnel
  • Reduces Unplanned Organizational Turnover

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