Who we are and What we do...

My Career Assist is a contemporary workforce planning and career services company.  We teach professionals and managers the concept of career planning and how to utilize our framework to drive their professional development and maximize their contributions to their organizations, and ultimately career achievement and success. 

My Career Assist has developed and validated a career planning framework (Modern Career Planning) that empowers both professionals and managers to drive professional development while simultaneously improving their performance and productivity.  We believe that this is a more comprehensive and effective strategy for professional development and growth versus career road maps and ladders. 

Who would benefit from Modern Career Planning?

Professionals and Managers (non-executives)

College Students (undergraduate and graduate students)

Retiring Military Services Members and Veterans

Retiring Professional Athletes

Businesses, Organizations, Agencies

Benefits of Modern Career Planning

For Individuals:

  • Aligns personal interests with organizational needs
  • Facilitates career decisions
  • Increases performance and productivity
  • Utilizes of professional development plans
  • Ensures self development
  • Opportunity for optimal returns
  • Increases awareness of work environment
  • Increase in Knowledge

For Corporations:

  • Ensures availability of qualified talent
  • Helps attract and retain talent
  • Helps with organizational culture and image
  • Supports diversity and inclusion
  • Facilitates workforce mobility
  • Improves employee morale and satisfaction
  • Improves the effectiveness of leaders

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