My Career Assist’s Career Planning Process

VisionMy Career Assist endeavors to facilitate the collaboration between organizations and their employees to achieve both organizational and career success.  

MissionMy Career Assist has developed a framework called “Modern Career Planning;” this process provides structure and accountability to empower workforce segments to manage their own professional development and growth.  We strive to teach our method to all organizations, academic institutions, and agencies to support the career achievement of their employees and stakeholders.  The details of our framework are provided below:  


Your Identity.

Step 1:  we believe it is essential to understand our personal and professional identity (preferences, strengths, and values); these attributes enable all of us to make the best possible career decisions.  If our professional pursuits aligns or compliments with our identity, our performance, productivity and satisfaction increases.  And we are more likely to reach our goals.


Your Aspirations.

Step 2:  a highly effective career strategy begins with our goals.  We can determine key technical and leadership skills needed to deliver value to our employers and stakeholders.  Clarity of these requirements enables us to drive our learning and development in order to add to our skills and capability catalogs.  Please think about your professional aspirations and what your ideal job could be.


Your Support.

Step 3:  While it is true that we are responsible for our careers, it is prudent to have individuals that support your development and growth.  Think about who in your personal life and at work who would commit to your growth; identify individuals to not only help refine your career plan, but also provoke attention to specific development and learning opportunities. If you do not already have one, please consider creating your “Career Advisory Board.”


Your Development. 

Step 4:  After defining your career goal, investigate the capabilities required for your career goals (through job descriptions and informational interviews).  Identify the critical skills (functional and leadership) and work with your manager and your advisors to define a development strategy (based on the 70/20/10 Learning Model) for you.  This is your comprehensive career (or professional) development plan.

Note:  this development plan does not define future roles; rather it focuses on key skills that you currently do not possess.


Your Action Plan and On-Going Career Management.

Step 5:  When you complete Steps 1-4, you have generated a comprehensive career strategy.  Your ability to execute this strategy and consistently deliver value to your employers would enable you to grow your career effectively.  Refer to your career  strategy to make meaningful decisions to support your development and growth.

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