COVID-19: Our Response

COVID19 Program

Career Planning & Introduction 

Virtual Meeting

Thank you for visiting our website.  If you lost your employment due to COVID-19 and would like support for your career (My Career Assist would provide this service FREE), please set up an introductory meeting with us.  We will discuss the goal and outcomes of our career counseling workshop and answer your career related questions.

Our Value Proposition:

We help individuals to effectively navigate their careers by effectively utilizing career planning tools and by defining clear roles and responsibilities for them, their employers, and their networks to facilitate your career progression. 

We help groups (businesses, organizations) to establish career development programs to improve workforce productivity and development through the creation of a process and a database and the management of the careers data generated.

Our Career Management Philosophies

For Individuals.  Know the difference between performance, productivity and partnership; find balance to maximize career development and growth.  Be courageous; share your career aspiration with your employer and collaborate for your development.  Seek roles that supports your career development plan.  Never stop networking for mutual benefit!

For Employers.  Offer support to ALL that have aspirations beyond their current role. Establish & deploy a career development program for any segment of employees interested in furthering their careers.  

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